COIN is a leading player in the procurement of asset management services in the Nordic market. We work with all asset classes and service solutions, but with special focus on alternative asset classes, where investor-challenges are typically the greatest. Since 2005, COIN’s procurement service has ensured cost-effective, high-quality asset management to  hundreds of institutions.

In addition, by pooling the capital of several clients, we can further reduce research costs, management fees and open the door to investments that are generally closed to smaller institutions, for example in alternative asset classes.



By investing with others, costs are significantly reduced. It also opens up investment opportunities usually not available to smaller investors
Number of funds
1 %
reduction in management fees
pooled AuM (MSEK)



A potentially  good building block for raising risk-adjusted returns is reinsurance risk (catbonds and collateralized reinsurance). A feature of the asset class, as in the case of many other alternative asset classes, are the high fees. We conducted a joint procurement that resulted in a high quality manager, at a price normally reserved to the largest institutional investors,  being offered to smaller investors.